Loving and caring each other, nature, life, and other beings is no more and no less than loving yourself, changing the focus to a deeper perspective, where there is only one life, one immense precious life to be looked after.
That is you. Once you realise this fact, you understand that there is no “out there”, but a part of the expanded “you” that needs balance, care and love.
Living your best version in life can bring a sense of fulfilment and meaning, as that contributes to improve the whole picture of which you are an intrinsically part.

Manifesto International Therapy Institute

We believe that we are living consciousness self-expressing and participating in a core supra-consciousness from where we all co-create life.
This approach allows us be aware about the fact that we all are part of a bigger, wiser, deeper living being. If we understand this fact, we will then be able to act with love to each other understanding that we are all one, co-participating of that essence. Rupert Sheldrake Ph.D. expresses a similar idea in his theory of Morphic Resonance and Morphic fields.
The perception of separation is only mental, as we are all intrinsically connected.

Arquitecture MANIFESTO

We are a platform integrated by individuals specialized in complementary and biofield therapies. We provide support and tools to people and animals who want support for themselves and their loved ones in certain areas of their life. 


We provide several disciplines throughout this platform, which are organized on three modules:

Mental module:   

First Aid Mental Health, Hypnotherapy.

Energetic module:

Complementary therapies: Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Magnified Healing, Oneness Blessing.

Animal module:

Complementary Therapy for animals.


We offer all our services online, in the comfort of your own space, where you can feel safe, and where you can obtain relevant information, contact our team members, and where sessions will take place. A meeting point platform that encompasses all aspects of communication, information and training.


We want to help beings to discover their strengths and support them to create their best version. We want to be witnesses of how subtle energies interact and change your life, and the life of your loved ones. We believe in the happiness of all living beings, and we are sure that we can contribute to build a better world.


Our purpose is to help sentients beings to develop a vital transformation through the support of the International Therapy Institute team members, who are specialized in Complementary and Integrative Therapies, Mental Health First Aid and Complementary Therapies for animals.

We are committed to people, animals and the world.



We need truthfulness, we need real and transparent information with true results through an empirical process. We want to transmit a direct and clear communication that increases the potential of the person with whom we are interacting.


“Think outside the box” We believe in creativity as obtaining resources. Following patterns that work but do not provide any solution to the person's life is not worth it. We should all be able to discover in ourselves aspects that can help us develop implicit gifts/skills that we already have.


Do things correctly and conciously, with honesty and respect. Emotional control and congruence with our- selves is a way to reach an optimal state of consciousness. Each person is capable of achieving optimum professional integrity. To work it effectively we need to find the right tools and put them into operation.


It is one of our priorities. We interact with people who want to collaborate, want to know, who are curious about what we do. Collaboration as interrelation and networking is a vital pillar of our organization. We want to be an integral community.

We believe in a better world with better people.



We use knowledge and deep analysis to change the world. Our goal is to understand and interact with the world through both intelligence and knowledge. We are conscious that there is always something more to learn, so we are constantly researching new information and  trusting the learning process.


We support and teach people how to improve. We love people as we love ourselves, and we believe in their capabilities to change themselves. We thrive if people thrive. We like to be creative and we enjoy developing new life structures where people can express their true self, creating nurturing environments.


We are holistic practitioners trained in complementary and integrative therapies. We use knowledge-base methods and systems to offer a pure experience of vital transformation and how to develop and acquire balance and knowledge.


“Observation, question and hypothesis”: We believe in the efficacy of science, knowledge and experimentation to obtain empirical results. We do deep research in areas that can help people to changing themselves and doing so, changing the whole world.


A united and well-trained team in their respective disciplines ensures great results and transmits confidence. We provide support in all levels and we offer a teaching methodological system.


We guide you through all the different phases letting you know what you are experiencing and why. We have the best and most up-to-date data and resources currently available as well as the best techniques and methods for their implementation.


“Before loving others, love yourself first.” Loving yourself is as important as loving others. Therefore, we understand the importance of effort and dedication to people. We do what we do, because we love it.


We use all our both, human and logistic resources, to help those who have the necessity to find a positive balance of energy, spirit and environment through convergent ways. If you are looking to improve in a certain area or you’re looking for a transition, we will both, support and guide you to find the optimal option.


Offering services is not just offering a product that can be bought. We work hard to deliver a service the best way it can be delivered to you and your loved ones, and we focus on an optimal customisation.


We work hard to preserve a secure and trustworthy circle with people and pets,  providing direct communication between you and us. Creating a “secure place” where we both can rely on, is of outstanding importance for us.

We love beings and what they can become

our principles

We believe that our Institute should provide a transparent and rigorous service, grounding all work from experience, research and facts.

A Institute that does not only worry about offering you learning resources, references, books without further ado.

In short, we want to be with you and hold your hand throughout the learning and development process.

We have created our principles to strengthen our roots and know at all times who we are and for whom.


Our priority is to work with people reassuring the best available information and providing truthful resources.

What you see is what you get
After hiring a service, there is no small print. You get what you buy without further ado.
We are not machines, we make mistakes like anyone else. If a service goes wrong, we will accept it and will do our best to fix it to fulfil our commitment.
If you are not happy, neither are we
The most important thing is that our community enjoys what we offer. We will do our best to exceed your expectations.
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We are human beings and we work for human beings, animals and society. We believe in the interpersonal relationships of each individual as a part of a whole, as a part of the world.

You have the control
Each person has the key to find him/herself, we have tools and support to forge that key. You decide what you need and we support you in your quest.
We do believe in people
We are a team of people who believe in other people. We do not work with clients or users, we work with people and animals and will treat you individually.
We don't deal with people, we relate to them. We don't just wait for comments or opinions: as you learn from us, we learn from you.
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We always put first people’s health and care. We make available our knowledge and support, acquired with experience, latest research and facts available.

We are in charge
We do not depend on external companies that can interfere with our work flow. If you need something, we will work out to find the relevant resources to help you.
The outside
We show love for our colleagues, people and the environment. We care about what happens in the world, not just what happens within the Institute.
We listen
Whether you have an incident with the platform or if you have a suggestion, we will listen to you and will respond to you. Your comments are valued and taken into consideration.
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Our Services
Mental Health First Aid International Therapy Institute

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid supporting people We all go through stressful and challenging moments. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.  We would really need a helping place where

Complementary Therapies International Therapy Institute

Complementary Therapies

Increasing your general sense of well being We will support you to return to an optimal state of balance.The interaction with a fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies consisting of light

Pets Therapy International Therapy Institute

Pet’s therapy

Explore further and let your pet enjoying serene and comforting moments Animals play a basic role in our lives. Our inner-connectiveness is present when we observe and witness their unique