COACHING sessions

Coaching is a way of thinking and being.

Emotional intelligence is a key aspect of our life. Knowing how to understand it, will lead us to achieve a deeper knowledge about ourselves, about our life and what for we are experiencing certain situations, becoming aware and capable to relate with this reality in a whole new and fresh perspective.

Through our sessions you will increase your awareness and will retrieve control of your life. enhancing your vision and achieving your goals and objectives. leading to a more meaningful experience.

Coaching International Therapy Institute

MY Vision

My vision reinforces a role in the lives of coachees, providing  them support and contributing to rediscover a great purpose in their lives.

My Mission

I want to help coachees to discover their strengths and support them to create their best version, in a supportive, friendly and Trustful space.

I have always known that the art of self-care must be rooted in the human experience. Our sessions are at the intersection of mind, body, and spirit. I am honored to offer a unique, supportive practice to all who choose it. I invite you to come and find your balance, to learn from mistakes and to find your inner balance! I challenge you to find inner peace in the body, mind, and soul. I have over 15 years of experience in Complementary Therapies in a variety of settings. I provide an array of training and modalities to meet your individual needs.

COACHING FOR adults information
Coaching “It’s about helping coachees to think for themselves, to find their answers, to discover within them their potential, their path to success, whether in business, in their personal relationships, in art, sport or work.”
– Societe Française de Coaching

Instant Access Resources

Opportunity to to support personal development

Fulfilling Life

Time to be set aside for a deep, fulfilling conversation

Intuitive Awareness

Becoming aware of your natural, creative and resourceful being


Our children experience life at its fullest expression and sometimes they need support to express or perceive it in a balanced, harmonic way.

As certified coaches & therapists, we will teach them techniques to focus, calm, enjoy and relate from a whole new and fresh perspective, interacting and retrieving their interest and focused attention.

Ludic Focus

Enjoyable technics that will allow your child to enjoy his learning process

Harmonious Family

Learn how harmony in relationships within your family can be achieved following our guidance

Emotional Stability

Emotional health will give a boost in every aspect of your child life.

Experience & credentials information


Personal Coach

Trained in Coaching and Business Coaching, specialized in NLP


Complementary therapist

Providing a holistic approach, in a safe, professional and friendly environment.


Wellness Coach

Aware of the latest techniques, resources and methodologies and committed to Success


LiFE designer

Starting point for real conversartion to inspire the whole family


Communication expert

With more than 20 years of executive positions in international environments


Content producer

life challenging contents based on real experiences to inspire your growth

A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.

- John Wooden, former UCLA basketball coach

Resources information

Right For You

Friendly and effective approach that will go straight to the core of your needs

your peace of mind

AS certified and affiliated coach, I can provide a safe and professional support

easy steps, no stress

Powerful way to inspire, to find answers and make the most of the moment

get started!

Take the step and give yourself the chance to rediscover life from a whole new fresh approach

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Coaching International Therapy Institute


COACHING sessions Coaching is a way of thinking and being. Emotional intelligence is a key aspect of our life. Knowing how to understand it, will lead us to achieve a