Complementary therapies in Hospitals

There’s an incrementing incline to include non-invasive complementary and alternative therapies in hospitals.

In fact, according to Ellen M. DiNucci, MA, Stanford University, Stanford, CA., a complementary therapy (energy therapy), is being offered in more than 50 medical centre and clinics in the U.S.

This fact makes us realize that this is a strong option that can help us to step forward and try new ways to face situations from different holistic perspectives.

We will always recommend you to contact trustful, trained and certified professionals so you will know that you are being supported by the best hands.

Complementary therapies in Hospitals International Therapy Institute


DiNucci, Ellen M. Energy Healing, Orthopaedic Nursing: July 2005 – Volume 24 – Issue 4 – p 259-269.

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