Frequently Asked​ Questions

Once we decide to take the step and try a new path, there are many questions that come to our mind… “is this safe?. what will I feel?. What can I expect?…

We are fully aware of all these questions and feelings because we have been, and we are, opened to live experiences that allow us to rediscover our own experience, to try new and exciting paths and to allow ourselves to open a new door and see what hides behind. We are here to show you new doors. And you are the one who need to cross them. We will clarify some of the most common doubts that may help you to encourage and take the next step.

FAQ International Therapy Institute
General questions

We are a platform integrated by individuals specialized in complementary and biofield therapies. We provide support and tools to people and animals who want support for themselves and their loved ones in certain areas of their life.

We provide several disciplines throughout this platform, which are organized on three modules:

Mental module:   

First Aid Mental Health, Hypnotherapy.

Energetic module:

Complementary therapies: Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Magnified Healing, Oneness Blessing.

Animal module:

Complementary Therapy for animals.

We offer all our services online, in the comfort of your own space, where you can feel safe, and where you can obtain relevant information, contact our team members, and where sessions will take place. A meeting point platform that encompasses all aspects of communication, information and training.

We want to help beings to discover their strengths and support them to create their best version. We want to be witnesses of how subtle energies interact and change your life, and the life of your loved ones. We believe in the happiness of all living beings, and we are sure that we can contribute to build a better world.

Our purpose is to help sentients beings to develop a vital transformation through the support of the International Therapy Institute team members, who are specialized in Complementary and Integrative Therapies, Mental Health First Aid and Complementary Therapies for animals.

about the session

We recommend minimize expectations, and live the moment, flowing with the possible outcome. You may perceive slight changes in your body temperature or a a slight tingling, but this will disappear in few minutes.

The session will be 30 minutes long.

You can follow our step by step guide and enjoy the process. Simply be present and opened to receive the healing frequencies.

Yes. these frequencies are delivered and received without time or space barriers. Are instantly delivered and received without interferences. 

Yes. Healing touch, reiki, reconnective healing and other modalities of energy therapies are being used in hospitals, health centres, hospices, clinics and many other health institutions to support people and contribute to increase health and wellbeing.

We recommend to stay calm after the session, and recall all the sensations, thoughts, insights and feelings that may emerge.

They will guide you to understand certain aspects of your life that were veiled in front of you.


We have created a section of resources, where research papers, insightful approaches, sources of information and relevant institutions and individuals are being mentioned to serve as guide and inspiration.

about the PAYMENT

We will accept credit and debit card payments. 

Yes, you will be able to book recurrent services. We will arrange the most convenient options for you to support you optimally.


Yes. We are working hard to provide you access to relevant resources and we will arrange on monthly basis a group healing session, where you will be able to experience yourself and your loved ones in the process.

Absolutely. We are really happy to be able to share these healing frequencies to improve people's and pet's lives.

Yes, they are. The energy shared in these sessions allow individuals to connect with healing frequencies that can help you to feel more relaxed and balanced.

You can include your pet in these sessions through intention. The fact that you intend to join a session to which you have been invited, opens the door to this healing space.