Restoring harmony, balance, wholeness

monthly free group event

Bringing back trust and strength.

Let join together a safe healing space were reconnect with our wholeness.

Join us on monthly basis and we will discover peace, healing and calm.

20 people and pets will join each monthly a free group session, will enjoy a reset in their patterns and will be able to let go stress, negative thoughts or worries.

Welcome… Are you ready?… Book a session. We look forward to meeting you and your pet in a real and unique experience. 

Reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Just join us and enjoy!

Group Session 5 International Therapy Institute
practical steps

Step by step guide

Before the session

1. Find a quiet place

Even though it is not necessary, as the energy transmission will happen anyway, it will provide a deeper experience .

2. Pause any distraction

It is recommended to pause any distraction like phone, television, alarms. Your experience will be more vivid and enjoyable.

3. Drink some water

Drinking water will calm you and will help you to start the process. Drinking water will also help you to come to the present moment.

4. Sit or lay comfortably

Place yourself in a comfortable position so you can stay for the 30 minutes period of the session. keep yourself warm.

5. Take 10 deep breaths

Calmly take 10 breaths concentrating on the rhythm of your breathing and slowly, allow you to focus on your body.

6. Close your eyes

Calmly close your eyes and dive into your present moment, allowing you to feel through your senses. Become limitless.

During the session

1. Keep focusing on your breathing

Softly focus your attention on your breathing and feel how your body is inhaling and exhaling consciously.

2. Explore your experience

Don't force yourself to "feel", do or think anything, simply flow. Bear in mind that a wider and deeper process is happening.

3. Be a witness of your own process

Experience your body and your mind, become aware of the subtle signs of energy interacting and enjoy without judgement.

After the session

1. Take your time to come back to your "here & now"

Softly inhale and exhale 10 times and pay attention to your body: Feel your feet, legs, body, arms, head and slowly open your eyes.

2. Stretch your hands, arms, legs and feet softly

It's very important that you make a soft process of integration of your experience and go back to your conscious present.

3. Observe how you feel and what you think

Your experience will be unique and it will bring whatever your being needs in this moment in particular. Observe and witness it.

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WHY group events
Group Session 6 International Therapy Institute

Join a community

Being part of a group will magnify the shared love and light.

Live the experience

Life brings us an opportunity to stop, focus and flow in a safe, calm and full of love virtual place.

Group Session International Therapy Institute
Group Session 3 International Therapy Institute

Enjoy gratitude and surrender

Be conscious moment is yours and you have the opportunity to join a wonderful group of people, here and now.

Share and connect

Express and enjoy a joyful healing shared space, allowing true healing occur and flowing in loving and caring freedom.

Group Session 4 International Therapy Institute

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