Explore further and let your pet enjoying serene and comforting moments

Animals play a basic role in our lives. Our inner-connectiveness is present when we observe and witness their unique and beautiful presence.

We facilitate balancing frequencies to your animals when they need it.
This energetic process introduces high and powerful energy range, balance and wellness to animals. Biofield therapies can comfort animals with fears, stress, behaviour, imbalance and recovery. We can support your friend to live a serene and restful state.

We are trained in the most advanced and effective available energy therapies, focusing on a holistic approach.

Pets Therapy International Therapy Institute

How it works – Going through the map.

We will support your pet.

We will facilitate the therapy in the comfort of your place. No physical interaction is necessary. Once the time is fixed, We will connect with your loved pet and will transmit the healing energies, allowing them to interact.

Our biofield therapies will help your pet:

Increasing its energy levels and overall well-being.
Producing a state of calm.
Removing any energy blockages that may exist.
Increasing calm and balance.
Promoting its relaxation and stress reduction.
Providing comfort and relieving pain.

Carmina Pets Therapy International Therapy Institute
practical steps

Step by step guide

Before the session

1. Find a quiet moment to live the experience

Even though it is not necessary, as the energy transmission will happen anyway, it will provide a calmer experience .

2. Pause any distraction at your place

It is recommended to pause any distraction so we avoid over excitement in our pet due to visits, noises, etc.

3. Offer your pet some water

Drinking water will calm your pet and will help it to start the process. Drinking water will refresh and calm.

During the session

1. Keep focusing in your pet's comfort

Softly keep your attention in your pet's comfort and accompany it providing a calmer moment where he or she will receive energy healing frequencies.

2. Explore your own experience

Just allow yourself to be present in a special moment where we are by our friends while them receive their healing session to improve their quality of life.

3. Accompany them by witnessing their session

Experience your pet's body and become aware of the subtle signs of energy interacting and enjoy without judgement, just letting go and going with the flow.

After the session

1. Softly caress your pet's body and comfort them

Softly caress your pet and speak soft words to bring its attention to here and now. This way they will come back to their present and start to be right back.

2. Play softly and offer some water

It's very important that you make a soft process of integration of your pet's experience and bring them back to their conscious present.

3. Observe how they feel and accompany them

Each experience will be unique and it will bring whatever your pet needs in this moment in particular. Observe it. It will help in this particular process

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biofield healing sessions For your pet
Pets Therapy Stress and Anxiety Session International Therapy Institute

Stress and Anxiety

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If your pet is going through some adaptive process and needs to receive comfort when distressed, this therapy will relief distress symptoms and reinstate calm.

Grief & Emotional pain

(30 minutes session)

This is very gentle and non invasive therapy. Our approach is specially focused on releasing pain and restore calm and happiness in a natural and effective way.

Pets Therapy Grief and Emotional Pain Session International Therapy Institute
Pets Therapy Recovery Session International Therapy Institute


(30 minutes session)

If your pet needs support in a procedure to be calmed and balanced  and to speed its readjustment process, we can be there to make it softer and accelerate its recovery.

Happiness boost

(30 minutes session)

This is an energy boost session for your pet. This therapy will transmit an increase in energy levels and will contribute to improve its happiness when your pet feels low or apathetic.

Pet Session International Therapy Institute
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