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We will support and encourage you to achieve a frame of mind of courage, energy and enthusiasm.

We love creating safe spaces to celebrate your and your loved ones’ journey of continued growth, balance and self-awareness.

We will support you with confidence and understanding, and you will find your way to a happier and more meaningful and balanced life.

Our holistic approach to life allows us to cover a wide spectrum of areas and together, we will co-create solutions that will help you and your loved ones to return to a balanced, safe and powerful life.

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Mental Health First Aid International Therapy Institute

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid supporting people We all go through stressful and challenging moments. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope.  We would really need a helping place where

Complementary Therapies International Therapy Institute

Complementary Therapies

Increasing your general sense of well being We will support you to return to an optimal state of balance.The interaction with a fully comprehensive spectrum of frequencies consisting of light

Pets Therapy International Therapy Institute

Pet’s therapy

Explore further and let your pet enjoying serene and comforting moments Animals play a basic role in our lives. Our inner-connectiveness is present when we observe and witness their unique

Coaching International Therapy Institute


COACHING sessions Coaching is a way of thinking and being. Emotional intelligence is a key aspect of our life. Knowing how to understand it, will lead us to achieve a


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Join us in your most exciting adventure.


Endless Areas of Improvement

Just take a look to those aspects where you would like to improve.  We will accompany you through the process of discovery a whole new world of opportunities.

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Fully Compatible with you

This technics are fully compatible with any life style, beliefs, religion, age, gender. We are opened to listen and offer an empty potential new future. 


Unlimited Opportunities

Once you realise about your potential, you will feel empowered to feel good, to try, to challenge yourself and allow you to experience balance and wellbeing.

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Balance and Wellbeing

Our balance, our peace and our capacity to go through all our moments in life, will improve once we know how to choose to focus in the right perspective.

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